Services provided by Mowden Hall Designs

Soft Landscaping

  • Planting - We can supply and plant a wide selection of top quality plants from the best growers. We supply anything from small alpines, perennials, hedging, shrubs and trees
  • Turfing - we supply and lay top quality turf                                    
 Pink flower


Hard Landscaping

  • Paving - We can professionally install a wide selection of paving products.
  • Brickwork - Construction of new walls and repointing/repairs to existing walls
  • Fencing and gates - All aspects of fencing and gate work  undertaken including repairs to existing fencing
  • Decking
  • Pergolas
  • Arches


 Gt Dunmow after 1a


  • Excavation
  • Footings
  • Foundations
  • Drainage
  • Concreting
 Paving drainage

Our Guarantee

Our general guarantees ensure that our work is free from defects and meets the highest quality and standards


We guarantee that our turf will be from a certified supplier and do not accept responsibility for any weeds that may occur in any exisiting soil or top soil. We will returf any areas that have not developed. We advise clients not to walk on newly laid turf for 4-6 weeks. We advise clients to maintain new turf by watering it after installation, if it is found in a dry state the guarantee will be void.


Concrete and masonary

We provide a three month warranty on all new brick and paving installations with a new concrete foundation.

Including in this is broken or cracked joints, loose bricks or stones.

Not included:

  • Detoriation of joints or masonary due to over exposure from water, mould, fungus and fire.
  • Acts of God; ie lightening, flood, hurricane etc,
  • Use of chemicals to clear ice or snow
  • Cracking in masonry surfaces due to settling, shifting,
  • Abuse from new construction
  • Collision and improper use of structure
  • Concrete work: Hairline cracks, spalling or slab shifting due to snow, water or de-icer


Hard materials 

Natural products are guaranteed to be defect free at installation. Cracking and shailing of natural stone is a characteristic of natural materials and beyond our control. Manufactured products are covered under the warranty of the manufacturer or the supplier



The owner/client agrees that there may be minor variation in colour between the colour sample and the product installed, due to the production time or natural processes.



All our work is installed to the highest standards. We will repair any workmanship related problems that you report to us within the first year of installation. When reporting any concerns with our work within this time frame, no alteration or repairs must have been made by the client or third parties before our inspection or this will void our guarantee.