Excavation, footings, foundations, drainage, concreting, brickwork

Most new projects that Mowden Hall designs undertakes will include some form of groundworks.

It would begin with excavation, removing  of old paving or concrete and soil. In the example of paving, the exisiting paving and/or concrete and soil would be removed first.

Next the edging would be laid, this creates  a border for the new paths and patio areas and holds everything in place. It also denotes the levels and heights of what is being constructed.

castle hedingham after 2

The drainage would be installed next which might include a drainage channel. These could be piped into newly constructed soak aways or into rain water sewers.

Then the sub-base is laid, which could be hogging or crushed concrete, depending on the specification, and laid at the required depth. It would be levelled off at the edging to gain the correct depth, then compacted with a vibrator to form a firm base.

castle hedingham after 1

A well compacted sub-base laid at the correct depth is paramount to any project, as it gives the foundations to the layers above. Mowden Hall designs will then finish the project with the required paving etc.

Mowden Hall designs groundworks, also covers excavation of concrete footings. The most convient form of footings are strip footings, which are trenches filled with concrete.

paving pic


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