Terrace Gardens

A terrace garden is one of the most challenging gardens, but with careful design it can be made from an unusable space to a space of interest incorporating levels of planting and paving. Mowden Hall Designs for the past 21 years have specialised in the design and construction of these projects. With our expertise and experience we can help you to create your ideal garden.

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Terrace garden re-design projects

In this garden re-design the main aim was to create a safe and practical environment to enable the client to run their child minding business from home.  The construction of this project involved extensive groundwork and hard landscaping.

This project incorporated a decking area with ballast rails adjacent to the house, two paving terraces with retaining brick walls and planting areas.

Gt Dunmow before 1

Gt Dunmow after 1


At the start of this project the bank at the end of the garden was unused and suffering from erosion. In the re-design of the bank a two tier terrace was constructed. The first tier incorporated a brick wall and steps, and in the second a railway sleeper wall.

Terrace garden before photos 1

garden terrace after photos



In this project the exisitng garden was uneven and impractical to use. Mowden Hall Designs was asked to create a terrace using soft landscaping. The new design for the garden incorporated three levels of lawn, using new railway sleepers.




soft landscaping witham before

Soft landscaping witham after photo